The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

We were discussing the eight limbed path of yoga – as described by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  We’d left off after discussing the, each of which had 5 aspects to them, and addressed our conduct and attitudes in our life. The next six are as follows: […]

Say Goodbye to Anxiety: Introducing Shirodhara – A 5000 Thousand Year Old Relaxation Therapy

Shirodhara is a proven natural method to manage stress and promote wellbeing. The experience is otherworldly, as you lie back, a stream of warm natural oils lightly spreads across your forehead, gently stimulating the third eye.  You will get a tender foot massage during the […]

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certified

So perhaps you’ve heard that I can now officially certify you as a yoga instructor, for 200 hours as per the yoga alliance. But do you really want to? Why do you want to teach…and more to the point, why do you want to spend […]

Best Gift Ever – Holiday Deals – Great Way to Begin 2015

Exceptional Holiday Gift Idea- Thai Yoga Therapy

Everytime I Teach A Class…

I come to the same conclusion.  “Human beings are beautiful, how come I never noticed it before?” It never fails, as I watch my fellow yogis stretch, reach, and endeavor to come to their edge in a pose, I am always startled by how truly […]