Sulfur and Chronic Pain Relief

Free Shipping at DrFuhrman.com! No – I’m not a doctor – I am an ordinary human being with experience in the sad and ordinary truth of chronic pain and inflammation, not my own fortunately for me, but my loved ones. Doctors never seem to ask what you […]

Say Goodbye to Anxiety: Introducing Shirodhara – A 5000 Thousand Year Old Relaxation Therapy

Shirodhara is a proven natural method to manage stress and promote wellbeing. The experience is otherworldly, as you lie back, a stream of warm natural oils lightly spreads across your forehead, gently stimulating the third eye.  You will get a tender foot massage during the […]

Grease is the word…

  A most important word as you move further along that road of life.  Our bodies need plenty of oil and grease and fat to keep functioning. You might notice some dry skin on your hands and reach for the squirt bottle of Nivea and […]

Living your Best Life: Ayurveda to the Rescue

Join Us In February 4th at 10-2  at the West Chester Wellness Center (828 Paoli Pike, West Chester PA) Ayurveda has served us well for well over 5000 years…and there’s a reason IT WORKS! There are simple changes we can make in our lives that help us […]

The more I see, the more I am convinced

that almost ALL of our worldly problems would be solved if everyone practiced Yoga. Now I am not saying that everyone needs to be doing 108 sun salutions…but some stretching if not strengthening, some breathing, some meditation.  It’s not hard, easy in fact.  The good energy […]

Holiday 2010 Special!

Make your Holiday Season perfect! Take some yoga, get yourself a Thai-Massage …pamper yourself 🙂

Temenos Cancer Retreat for Women

Once again, this year, I was privileged enough to be invited to lead the yoga program for the Temenos Retreat for Women with cancer.  What an honour. I have never seen so many women with so much gumption to take life head on.  They truly […]