The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

We were discussing the eight limbed path of yoga – as described by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  We’d left off after discussing the, each of which had 5 aspects to them, and addressed our conduct and attitudes in our life. The next six are as follows: […]

Breathing Exercises to Make You Stronger!

Okay everyone…you can do this! The following exercises will help your lung capacity, will help expel stale air from your lungs, will help increase the elasticity of your lungs, and diaphragm. What does that all mean, and why should you care? it means you’l breath […]

Holiday 2010 Special!

Make your Holiday Season perfect! Take some yoga, get yourself a Thai-Massage …pamper yourself 🙂

Gayatri Mantra

GAYATRI MANTRA (the most primal of all chants and the mother of all Vedas) AUM BHUH BHUVAH SWAHA, TAT SAVITUH VARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHEEMAHI DHIYO  YO NAH PRACHODAYAT Om Supreme Divine, Thou art the Creator of this universe, Of earth, of space, and heaven We […]

Today My Yoga Practice Was Walking on the Treadmill

…yes it was.  However, in my defense, I did practice breathwork while I turned up the volume on my iPod, and readjusted the earphones so they wouldn’t fall out.  Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.   I had a wonderful rhythm going and found I really wasn’t getting […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Why would we do this?  What a strange concept, and yet so very basic.  We know whether we are right handed or left handed, but do you know if you are right or left ‘nostriled’? Our bodies prefer one side to another in everything we […]

Happy Valentines Day

learn to do spinal flexes to free the heart and free the spine

Breath: The Vital Energy That Sustains Us

Breath is exactly that…energy that sustains us.  How we breath directly impacts our feeling of wellness in our mind and in our body.  Giving our bodies the proper oxygen relieves it of stress, provides it with fuel to go on with the day, boosts our […]

Do I do anything other than yoga?

I do actually, and then I feel like doing yoga.  I cook for my family, for myself, for my husband’s toddler business “August Foods.”  Then I feel like doing yoga for my back.  I also write…I write blogs, I write for children’s magazines, I help […]

Okay – Take Two…

Having already started a blog, and then in a stroke of amateur madness, I wiped out all the work I had done.  So, though I’m sure its evident, you now know that this is all new for me. But I am trying again, because I […]