The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

The Other Six (of the Eight-Limbed Path)

We were discussing the eight limbed path of yoga – as described by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  We’d left off after discussing the, each of which had 5 aspects to them, and addressed our conduct and attitudes in our life. The next six are as follows: […]

Living your Best Life: Ayurveda to the Rescue

Join Us In February 4th at 10-2  at the West Chester Wellness Center (828 Paoli Pike, West Chester PA) Ayurveda has served us well for well over 5000 years…and there’s a reason IT WORKS! There are simple changes we can make in our lives that help us […]

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certified

So perhaps you’ve heard that I can now officially certify you as a yoga instructor, for 200 hours as per the yoga alliance. But do you really want to? Why do you want to teach…and more to the point, why do you want to spend […]

It’s about Discovery

Yoga isn’t about the goal – its not about achieving anything. It’s about discovering where you are in that moment, right as you are – straight or crooked – balanced or not – weak or strong. It’s that inner acceptance that creates our strength and stability. […]

Holiday 2010 Special!

Make your Holiday Season perfect! Take some yoga, get yourself a Thai-Massage …pamper yourself 🙂

Good Health Does NOT Come In A Bottle

…its the truth, it really doesn’t.  If you think just because you are eating all your prescription medicine, you will suddenly be in great health, running jumping bouncing, you are in for a surprise.  The only way to find yourself running jumping bouncing is by […]

How to Make Yourself Smarter

…yes, its possible, and not only that, you don’t need a miracle pill. They don’t work, I know this from my own personal experience. Meditation works.  It has been shown that 20 minutes a day for only a week can improve cognitive functions of the […]

Heart openers that only kids can teach you…

As I child, I remember the intense longing for a puppy that almost every child feels. As a teenager, I realized quickly that my father’s intense dislike of creatures not of the human species would never allow a dog cat or anything else in the […]

Today is another day…

…and don’t we all know that  the good thing is tomorrow is also another day.  We get many chances to make things right, not all of us do, but every moment is another chance.  Use it. Eat an apple, take the flight of stairs, allow […]

Yoga Is Not Exercise

That is all I have to say about this – Yoga is NOT exercise.  Repeat…Yoga is NOT exercise…and keep repeating.  Yoga is NOT exercise. It may look like exercise to those who have never done it, or never done it right – and if you […]