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Ayurveda is the longest running medical science in existence –  because it works.  It is a holistic and natural wellness approach that understands that the head can’t work without the heart, or the heart can’t work without a kidney and so on….

It is preventative and proactive – although it can be very effective at treating disease in it’s various stages of  manifestation.  Because these therapies have worked very well for me  – I would like to share them with you. These are a few of my initial items for sale – all of which are in dark glass to protect the ingredients.  I use only organic ingredients whenever available, ethically sourced and I strive to stay away from plastic as much as possible.  (which is quite a bit, actually 🙂  You’d be surprised, how with a little ingenuity and willingness to change stuck habits, how simple it is to get away from the one health hazard we have welcomed into our lives.

The tooth powder in conjunction with oil pulling has made it possible for me to correct tooth and gum decay without using harmful abrasives.  I am probably committing some offense by saying that my cavities actually reversed themselves with my neem tooth powder and sesame oil pulling. I no longer have ANY tooth sensitivities.  That is at least worth the the nominal cost. 

DMSO comes with many controversies, but having successfully used it for a rotator cuff injury, my mother’s arthritis, and my husband’s back and head aches – I like the stuff and see no reason not to use it.  Anything is dangerous in large amounts, in small amounts, this stuff works.  Again, no plastic, only pharma grade, and organic oils.  I have added a few ingredients to help boost the anti-inflammatory properties.

Just to be clear…the FDA does not approve the use of DMSO for humans – it is only approved for veterinary use.



This sesame oil has been infused with brahmi, amalaki, and bhringraj to enhance the health of your hair.  I have not added fragrances to keep the purity of the oil, but feel free to add an essential oil if you have to.  You will find that using this oil for at least an hour once or twice a week before washing ( I recommend leaving it on overnight, if you can) leaves your hair softer and shinier than before. It can also help with regrowth, and dandruff if that is an issue.  Brahmi is excellent for the mind, so the longer you leave it in, the longer it has to penetrate the scalp and benefit the brain. 🙂

Hair Oil

Each item is a total of 4 ounces and has a $4.00 dollar shipping and handling fee  included – I will ship to anywhere in the USA (the price is different for Hawaii and Alaska – please email me)  – if you combine items I can try to save you shipping.  Contact me at

milan@yogawithmilan.com for any questions 🙂