Ayurvedic Essentials Shop

Ayurveda is the longest running medical science in existence…because it works. It is a holistic and natural wellness approach that understands that the head can’t work without the heart, or the heart can’t work without a kidney and so on.

It is preventative and proactive, although it can be very effective at treating disease in it’s various stages of  manifestation. Because these therapies have worked very well for us, I would like to share them with you. These are a few of our initial items for sale, all of which are in dark glass to protect the ingredients. We use only organic ingredients whenever available, ethically sourced and we strive to stay away from plastic as much as possible (which is quite a bit, actually 🙂 ) You’d be surprised, how with a little ingenuity and willingness to change stuck habits, how simple it is to get away from the one health hazard we have welcomed into our lives.

Each of the following items is a total of 4 ounces and has a $4.00 dollar shipping and handling fee included. We will ship to anywhere in the USA (the price is different for Hawaii and Alaska – please email me). If you combine items we can try to save you shipping. Contact us at milan@yogawithmilan.com with any questions!

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