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Yoga sums up my political beliefs, my religious beliefs, my health and wellness practice, my daily diet, and my sense of humor.  I haven’t become a saint or a yogini of any sort, but as I take this path upon which all of us tread, I find I stumble less, there are fewer daunting obstacles, and there are most of all, an abundance of smiles…and who can’t use those?

I no longer feel the pull of too many demands on my time.  Make no mistake,  they exist, and there are demands, but somehow the tension is missing. Every problem has a solution, and if it isn’t immediately apparent, I have the patience to wait it out.

I know I have become a better person when setting up my websites and blogs, I don’t feel the urge to take a hammer to the keyboard or monitor.  When for the tenth time, I have deleted all the work I have done, and I still haven’t sent out that blood curdling scream into the beyond. I know there is improvement in my demeanor when I am writing this and yet again I hear the call of “mom”, I can simply nod my head and maintain my balance.

Yoga has been undoubtedly the one thing that I can unabashedly recommend to anyone that can breathe…that this is in fact the cure all. You don’t have to wear ‘Om’ on your shirts, you don’t have to be vegetarian ( at least not until you feel the urge), you don’t have to twist yourself into pretzel shapes, in fact there is absolutely nothing that you have to do.

Yes there is one hitch…non-harming…non-harming to oneself, and towards others. So what does that mean? It means a whole host of things, and realizing the multitude of implications that follow that one tenet is the path of yoga. I have embarked on this road, and I follow it diligently at most times, stray from it at others, but inevitably find my way back.


When I was a kid I spent my recesses quite literally talking to trees with my best friend… needless to say I care a lot about the environment and recently I have been learning about how my lifestyle impacts it. I also love reading about wellness, something I get from my mom who is an amazing yoga instructor. I have learned a lot about holistic and Ayurvedic medicine from her and as I learn more, I want to share my wellness journey with you.



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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  • Hello Shari – sorry about the late late reply. This is a mostly neglected website as I have never had too much traffic on it 🙂 Oops

    I teach more “Laya Yoga” so not necessarily the way Yogi Bhajan taught it – because he was Sikh, he had a very Sikh leaning. (Incidentally I am married to a Sikh so I actually have great respect for the religion) But my own origins are Hindu, so I have a more “Hindu” spiritual leaning, whatever that may mean.

    Thank you for your question – peace to you 🙂

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