Food is not fuel…

Food is not fuel…

…at least not only fuel.  We’ve been brainwashed in the West to think of food only as fuel for the body, calories in, calories out.  But that is misleading and does a great disservice to the role that food plays in our body.  I’ve been guilty of that myself, in explaining to people that they wouldn’t put low octane fuel in a Lamborghini, for example.  And we all must assume we are Lamborghinis in this analogy and not a Chevy Cruz.  But that is where the analogy begins to break down.

That fuel does not materially create the structure of the Lamborghini.  It does not interact with the aircraft grade carbon fibre of the car in the same way our food does.  Fuel does not nourish the car, it provides the source of energy conversion.  The fuel simply flows through the engine and is emitted as toxic waste.  It wasn’t absorbed into the cellular structure of the engine, it didn’t BECOME the car.

Our food does exactly that, it not only fuels our daily activity, it really does go on to create and support our cellular structure.  As our older cells break down, age and literally wash away with our various waste removal systems, new cells are created with the food we eat.  Food is not fuel, it is nourishment.  The right food creates strong viable cells that will enable us to live an energetic powerful life.  The wrong food might provide the energy all right, and the body will reluctantly use it to create the cells.  But now, we are creating cells of a poor quality, and weak structure.  We are compromising our immune system, and angering our friendly microbial ecology.  Feeding our microbial friends should be a top priority for us.  They are our first line of defense in every system of our body, the gate keepers if you will, of what passes on to our human cells.

Nourishment comes from a variety of brightly colored veggies and fruits, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.  Basically, whole foods that didn’t come in boxes, plastic, or other packaging.  Dr. Northrup mentions the 4R’s, and that’s simple way to remember foods that serve us.  Nature has generously provided us with the food we need most to keep running with optimal speed and strength, and we should consume maximum amounts of exactly those foods.  We should eat far less of the foods we artificially farm on CAFO’s, (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) or on large monoculture fields heavily fertilized with petroleum waste products.  Eat your leafy greens….and get them from your local farmer in season. 🙂

I absolutely love this infographic from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

A picture’s worth a thousand words.  And lastly, I highly recommend Triphala to everyone, these days.  It is one of the best ways to make sure your ‘engine is running clean…’  As you can see, I haven’t completely abandoned the car analogy 😉


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