The beginners guide to living cruelty-free: Non-harming

The beginners guide to living cruelty-free: Non-harming

Where to start? At the beginning, of course…and don’t worry, it’s a journey! There are plenty of stumbling blocks. This is a list of a few things to start with

Start with not harming yourself, that way, you have a stable base. So that means one by one eliminating the use of plastics from your life…the imposition of plastic everything in our lives has started to manifest in various diseases and malfunctions in the body. I’m not saying plastics are the culprit for everything, or even anything, but why not eliminate all possible suspects? Here are some options to try:

1. Don’t heat food in plastic containers – heat your food in your plate or bowl.

2. Don’t use plastic wrap in the microwave – maybe use a paper towel or another plate to stop those errant bits of flying food.

3. Store food in glass containers (I personally use a lot of mason jars).

4. Plastic water bottles, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, plastic loofah, lotions and their microbeads, cosmetics, fleece, detergents…all of these exist in a pervasive manner in our homes. One by one, by making conscious choices, they can be eliminated. Some obvious options, some less obvious – more on this later 🙂 These plastics enter our lungs, skin and bloodstream. Make no mistake – our body doesn’t like it. There will be another post on this…but here’s a blog that I like. And here’s one where you can buy things to live life without plastic.

5. Carry your own stainless steel water bottles – the bonus is that some double walled ones hold the ideal temperature for a really long time! Carrying a water bottle with you will also help you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

6. Easy one: Reuseable shopping bags!

This is a great beginning…more to come!


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