Sulfur and Chronic Pain Relief

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No – I’m not a doctor – I am an ordinary human being with experience in the sad and ordinary truth of chronic pain and inflammation, not my own fortunately for me, but my loved ones. Doctors never seem to ask what you eat, how you exercise, don’t watch how you move and conduct your daily life, but they are quick to recommend steroids and narcotics.  Or both.

While both may mimic healing for a few months, and you may get a few months respite… slowly that few months becomes few weeks, and soon it won’t even last two days. By then, your immune system is thoroughly compromised, your system is unable to make its own cortisone, your endocrine system is confused and breaking down, and because your hormones are now dysfunctional, other body systems start breaking down. Suddenly those narcotics you were taking begin to get a little sluggish and you need to take more…and more…and more…

Our body is designed to heal itself- if you love it and take care of it and nurture it. Nurture it with good food, and exercise. Yes, everyday. Not 30 minutes 3 times a week. Your body takes care of you 24/7 –  Give it an hour of love a day…YOU CAN DO IT.  It doesn’t need to be an hour of sweating, just gentle stretching, taking the dog for a walk, and even deep breathing counts.  In fact, it actually works better in the long run if it doesn’t stress your body and mind.  You want to look forward to it, be excited for the few moments of your day when you can connect with nature.

And as for diet…Eat whole foods. Foods that don’t come in a box with an ingredient label. Food that is as close to it’s natural state as possible.  And most of it should be green 🙂 Slowly, day by day, increase your intake of green leafy vegetables so that leafy greens make up most of your plate. At that point, it won’t even matter what else you are eating. Green leafy vegetables are the closest thing to what nature meant us to eat in abundance, it is all around us.  And while this isn’t a complete dietary program, start with those leafy greens.

Diet and exercise is one thing. But, it has recently come to my notice that very few people are aware of how necessary Sulfur is to our existence. Sulfur is necessary  to keep our body healthy and functioning  and…sadly  our highly processed diets are creating sulfur deficiencies not only in our bodies , but in the soil which is supposed to put the sulfur in our food sources.  The increased use of  insecticides, pesticides and  chemical fertilizers are depleting our soil of the necessary minerals that were naturally occurring in our food.

Eggs, red meats, cruciferous veggies (such as broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts), onions, garlic, raw milk, are all good sources of sulfur. MSM is also a very good source. The supplement alone won’t help because the symbiotic relationship between the different components of food are essential to your body, and unfortunately, only the food may not help unless you are eating extremely clean (read: organic, local, unprocessed) and extremely fresh (not sitting one week in the refrigerator after it sat one week on the grocery store shelves), in all likelihood you will need additional sulfur. DMSO provides the body with sulfur.

Sulfur helps maintain the structure and biological activity of our enzymes, it exists in every cell in our body and helps transport oxygen across cell membranes. It is essential to our existence and there really is no known toxicity levels for organic sulfur – other than the smell. Hardly a side effect. Humans have used sulfur springs for centuries as healing water..pruny finger tips are usually the side effect in that case. Not memory loss and suicidal tendencies.

If you have a chronic pain issue – look closely into DMSO as your source of additional sulfur. You can drink it and you can apply it, and you can do this as often as you need. Drinking it enables the DMSO to bind to toxic metals in your body and wash out with your urine. Applying it similarly binds to whatever is on your skin and carries it across your skin into your body. It is extremely safe and effective. It is better than most NSAID and at 70% dilution rate, no side effects. At 99%, you will get a slight sunburn effect complete with peeling and itching.  Not for everyone 🙂

There is plenty of controversy surrounding DMSO, as the FDA does not approve of it as a reliable therapy for anything, as it is used as a solvent within the scientific community. The only use the FDA approves is as a solution to protect organs meant for transplant. However, it is successfully used in many countries, and it causes far less harm than many of the FDA approved drugs. An opiate addiction epidemic rages and the FDA will still not approve something with as wide a range of benefits as DMSO.  Why? Because  Big Pharma will be devastated if DMSO becomes freely and widely used.  Do your own research and determine for yourself if you think DMSO would be a good match for you.  As with anything, even the best therapies can cause allergies in small percentages of the population, and too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. So proceed with caution, but my own experience enabled me to repair my own torn rotator cuff.

So – forget all the fire and brimstone stuff that comes with thoughts of sulfur, and consider how you are getting some in your diet 🙂  Be well!



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