Increase Energy & Decrease Pain…5 things to do every morning! Free Shipping on All Orders!

Morning’s are usually rushed and there might be some elements of pandemonium…but there is always room to squeeze in a little self-love and pampering.

1- Oil pulling – I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it can’t be said enough.  Aside from keeping our teeth and gums healthy, it actually helps to keep the beneficial microbes that our digestive and immune system need in our bodies, and carry out the nasty stuff.  I know this from personal experience after actually healing a cavity in my tooth.  And it just makes sense that removing toxins from the body gives a huge boost the energy and reduces pain.

2- Drink warm fresh squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning.  This helps to alkalize the body (yes, alkalize) and give a nice gentle start to the digestive fire.  Coffee and tea can come later, if they must.  But waking your digestive system up with a gentle nudge is much kinder than kicking into high gear immediately.  Would you like a soft kiss to awaken you, or a bucket of water?  That is the difference between warm lemon water and caffeine.  A clean healthy digestive system is the first ingredient in a pain free and energetic life.

3- Massage your toes – as you sit on the toilet. Sorry. But you are already sitting down, and you may have a moment or two.  So just bend down and grab your toes and massage the space between them, then push them and pull them.  It only takes a few seconds and the effect on your body is amazing. We have too many nerve endings in our feet to neglect them or only occasionally treat them to a pedicure. Your feet hold you up ALL day long, love them and they will reward you.

4- Dry brushing – right before you get into the shower just use a soft wash cloth, or silk glove, or actual brush to invigorate the lymph glands.  Starting with your toes and moving towards your heart, then the arms, torso and neck, always moving towards the heart, gently brush the skin.  Again, only takes moments, but is worth every minute. Keeping our lymph moving is essential to our health and wellbeing. When toxins are leaving our body, then nutrition is able to work its magic.

5- Cold shower -and it sounds awful, but it actually warms you up when you step out of the shower. In case you are a little delicate, as am I, there is a cheat 🙂  Start your shower as you do everyday, and right before you step out, drench yourself in a quick flash of cold water.  The kind of cold that makes your inhale sharply!  Cold water causes your blood to rush to the skin to try and warm you up, and lo and behold, without a whole lot of fuss, you’ve actually enabled a mini-massage like effect for the whole body.  The circulation increases, and oxygen is efficiently moved around your limbs and torso.  Trust me…good for you 🙂

The long term benefits of these practices are beneficial for your metabolism, for your muscles, for your lymphatic system, your immune system, and of course to wake you up.  Best of all, none of these therapies have any nefarious side effects.

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