Life after 50 – Better than Before! Free ebook download 

It’s true…those aches and pains don’t have to exist in your life.  You can take control of your energy, your immune system, the state of your health as long as you desire to be the master of your wellness. From your toes to the top of your head.  In an overview of the basics, I will offer a step by step to help you get where you want to be. I have used an ayurvedic approach for the most part, with an understanding that our life in this era doesn’t always offer us the opportunity for ayurvedic perfection. Feel free to send me questions any time you have any :)) I welcome comments and suggestions

It’s a PDF – feel free to download and use it for your own personal health – it is not meant to be used for commercial purposes 🙂

Life after 50


And just a thought – general vitality is within reach with Chavanprash – it is a wonderful mixture that promotes true strength and wellness.

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