Thai Yoga Massage or “The Lazy Man’s Yoga” (Nuad Boran)

thaiyoga3editThis is yoga for people who don’t like to exert themselves…someone who wants to lie back and let someone else do the work. I’m sure we all know someone like that 🙂

This is a fully clothed manipulation of the limbs in such a way – that you get the most awesome stretch and the most incredible massage at the same time. Your muscles relax, you body becomes complacent and happy. It energizes and revitalizes your body. It increases circulation and helps drain the lymphatic system. Alleviates pain and helps increase range of motion all the while increasing those happy endorphins.

It makes a fabulous gift before during and after the holidays! It’s perfect for help kickstarting your 2015 wellness routine, and it’s perfect for showing someone you care.

One hour massage – $80
90 minute massage -$120 (with herbs or aromatherapy)

5 massage card purchase: $325/1 hour massages or $400/1.5 hour massages

Gift Cards available

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