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MIndfulness is not a passive activity to be performed sitting in a quiet room, alone, pondering nothing. It is an active awareness of life, an approach to enriching every moment of your existence, to the point of fullness and joy, even in moments of deep sorrow.  It allows our very soul, our core being to experience the energy that is life.

And anyone can do it. Everyone can do it…as long as you have a will. Experience mindfulness meditation and live life to its fullest potential.

I run frequent meditation workshops – feel free to arrange an eight session workshop for your workplace or community  group.  They are eight consecutive sessions that run between an hour to an hour and a half each. Learn how to reduce stress and tension in your life, learn how to cope with difficult issues that arise from daily living, learn how to cope with phsycial pain, and learn how to feel real joy in life. It costs $120 per person and each person is given two guided meditation CD’s along with a lifetime skill that shall serve them in all moments of life.  Or look out for scheduled workshops and come join us!  Call me and plan a workshop today. at 508-561-7428.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation Workshops”

  • Hello!
    I am Italian, but I am looking for a meditation class in English to improve my english. Learn to meditate and meet other English speaking people.
    Do you offer we these classes?
    Kind regards,

  • Hello Federico – I do teach meditation classes but they are individual classes so you won’t get to meet anyone really 🙂 If you are in the West Chester PA area – there are many yoga and meditation classes there. I am happy to help you find nice places if you need!


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