How to Make Yourself Smarter

…yes, its possible, and not only that, you don’t need a miracle pill. They don’t work, I know this from my own personal experience.

Meditation works.  It has been shown that 20 minutes a day for only a week can improve cognitive functions of the brain.  In fact research done by some top universities (Yale, Harvard, MIT among others) have demonstrated that meditation actually increases the cortical thickness of the brain – creating permanent and positive changes.  Check out Science Daily for interesting facts.

Meanwhile, if you want to become smarter…try these tips:

Find yourself a comfortable place to sit, cross legged if you can, on a bolster, or on a chair.  Straighten your spine, pull your chin in a bit, pull your shoulders back and down – close our eyes and give yourself a couple of deep breaths. Begin to focus on the inhale, watch the breath, allow the belly to rise, watch the belly fall as you exhale.  Let all thoughts subside, dropping them along the path of meditation, bringing no encouragement to your thoughts, definitely don’t judge them, just one by one pass them by on your ultimate aim of a quiet mind.  Allow calm and quiet to permeate your mind, your body, repeatedly bringing your mind back to your breath if you find it wandering through your day.  Keep a timer close by, so that you aren’t worried about time. Begin with five minutes a day, and progress to at least twenty minutes a day.  Begin with this, allowing yourself to just be in the present, and tomorrow I’ll out out more info on other types of meditations.

Enjoy it – make  it a part of your daily routine. :)))

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