Today is another day…

…and don’t we all know that  the good thing is tomorrow is also another day.  We get many chances to make things right, not all of us do, but every moment is another chance.  Use it.

Eat an apple, take the flight of stairs, allow yourself to feel the energy permeating you limbs, allow yourself to feel the breath as it ripples through your body enlivening your cells.

Summer is coming, and that means a bright new awakening.  This is the season to let things grow bigger and better, to seal a promise with the universe around you and plant a little happiness in and around yourself. Nature does it, so can you.

Here’s a Sun Salutation that will prepare you for your day – no child’s pose in this one , so you’ll keep moving!

Inhale arms up and back

Exhale into a forward bend and inhale up into straight back

Step back into downdog as you exhale  – settle into your downdog and take a nice breath

As you take your next exhale, swing your right leg up and then bring it forward into a lunge – pull your inner thighs together isometrically and push into your back heel to help with balance

Raise the upper body up and bring your hands together in prayer  at heart center

Exhale as you bring your hands to one side of the body so that you are in a twisting lung – inhale as you move to center and exhale as you move to other side hold for a moment

Exhale release hands to mat and push both legs back to high plank

Lower the hands slowly to dandasana (low plank) release yourself to the mat and immediately roll back the shoulders and raise the body to Cobra with a nice inhale

Push back with a strong exhale  to move into downdog

Hop or walk your hands and feet together

Inhale and either roll up or reverse swan dive up

Repeat… many times as you need

Pictures and photos are coming!

Come back and visit soon 🙂

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