I think I’m Better Now

…not that I was bad before, but there were some moments that I really really felt sorry for myself.  And then I had to talk myself out of it, and then I had to tell myself that negative thoughts don’t help, and of course, that bad thoughts lead to bad actions, and that I was making myself look old before the natural process, etc.

So I think I’m better now.  It was a lot of brainwashing.  Having  in-laws living with you can be extremely tense.  I know that probably seems like news to all of you out there who might be married (or not), but yes, I assure you, it is.  Its the fact of having your husband turn into a completely different person when his parents are around, the fact of never quite being able to put the salt shaker where you want to,  the fact of not being able to watch a TV show when you want because someone else is already sitting there,  the fact of having to pretend great interest in advice that you have NO interest in, or having your clothes shrunk once again and then say thank you for the help, or the fact of never finding anything where it goes.  Do I sound like I’m complaining?  Oh, but I’m not, ’cause I’m better now. I haven’t even written about the nasty things yet, those are just the everyday irritations that occur because I live with not one disagreeable adult, but three. Yes, my friends, all is well.

Why?  I am better because, now, on occasion I am actually able to breath my way into better thoughts, or meditate my way into a kind and generous feeling, or stretch  my evil plans away. Not that I’ve ever had any,  you see, I am better now.

I know yoga works – ’cause I really do think I’m better now.  Otherwise why would I have a benevolent thought for those I consider my nemeses? Okay, that is a harsh word, but for those of you who are married, bless you all. Do yoga, and most of all meditate.  A lot! [ad#adagio]

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