Stretch and Open

It’s cold, sometimes wet, sometimes windy, and the weather constantly pushes one indoors.  How does one open up the spirit and body when you are stifled and confined within four walls?

Stretch yourself and open up the tight spaces within your body.  Feel your blood warmly circulating throughout your limbs and allow the breath to fill your lungs.  Here are some effective stretches that allow just those things to happen.

Start, as always with tucking in your tailbone and pulling your navel in to your spine. Pull your shoulders up close to your ears and then let them drop down and relax them.  Make sure your ears are over your shoulders. Step into your feet with a bit of pressure, allowing for equal weight on the entire foot. Begin to let the inhale open up your ribcage, really expand it and feel the breath enter the entire body.  Fill the breath into all of your body. As your exhale, soften yourself a bit and allow the shoulders to come back down. Do this just a couple of times and already you will find you have opened your body.

After a few breaths, begin to take the arms up and reach openly for the ceiling, really stretching. Keep your shoulders down and keep pressing into the ground. Move in and out of that for a few breaths, exhaling as you release the arms back down to your sides. Finally, take your arms up and hold that stretch, really focusing on the breath. On an exhale, take your body to the right, inhale it back to center, and on another exhale take your body to the left. Move in and out of that a couple of times then finally let the body drop to the floor, letting your torso and neck be soft, and go ahead and  swing yourself around, rag doll style. Hang for a few breaths, breathing into your back rib cage.  Roll up slowly, then, one vertebrae at a time and let the neck and head be last up.  Fold your hands behind you and let your body soften into a slight back bend. Bring yourself up on an inhale and let your eyes close.  Breath a few moments.  Slowly open the eyes and bring yourself back to the present.

The whole thing wont take more than a few moments, but believe me, you will feel refreshed and ready for the next event in your life.


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