Happy 2010!

Welcome back to reality.  As you make your way back slowly from all the holiday celebrations and indulgences, this is a good time to stand back and take inventory of ourselves and our loved ones.  If your family is anything like mine, we have our shares of ups and downs, times of sharing, and times of not so much sharing…some of us are related by blood, others are family members because we love them so, and still others my not even be of the same species, but are family nonetheless. The whole big or little mess makes up a family, and we’ve all survived another year of this if you are reading this humble blog.

So along with the welcome, I should also offer congratulations.  And then I shall move on to offering the meditations and asana that shall help revive your spirit and bring you back to the New Year.

Number one thing to remember is OXYGEN – take a breath.  A big long deep breath that reaches all quadrants of your lungs.

Number Two: Find a good comfortable seat, lengthen the spine, open up your arms end extend  them long towards the sky with your fists closed and the thumb extend upwards.  Begin and let it open up your lungs, your mind, and your vitality.  Feel the world around you slip away and just follow your breath.

Number Three:  Do some Sun Salutations

Have fun and Happy New year!

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