Gingerbread Yoga

Stay strong, do not yield to temptation, hold yourself staunch and without reproach…just kidding.  If you can’t enjoy yourself during the holidays, what is the point of everything?

Smiling and laughing, indulging ones whims, that is the point and sole reason for the existence of holidays.  Yes, history, real or imagined tells us that there are traditional, spiritual and religious reasons for these celebrations, but the reality is, they are just devices developed by humanity to ease the pressure and tension that living life can cause.  We all need  a BREAK!  We need to let loose,  forget the rules and trample over every daily routine just so that we can feel the difference, enjoy the difference, and experience life for what it is meant…to smile and feel the wonder of life and love that surrounds us if we allow it.

Eat that extra cookie, serve yourself an extra helping of eggnog or whatever your vice may be. Just as we demand of ourselves moderation in daily life, so should we demand moderation in moderation  itself. Only be experiencing the difference can we be aware of how much better we feel when we comply with the rigours of life in a routine manner.

Your body is a temple, as is your mind, and there is nothing so forgiving of lapses in judgement as a temple and the God that resides within that temple.  You will bounce back, and the better for it, sometimes that same temptation never presenting itself  as such again ( not that I believe that is necessary :))

For myself, I intend to make myself a giant gingerbread house doused in sugar and colorful treats, take a hammer to it, and then eat the remains with my kids (and maybe my dog) .  Stay tuned for pictures.  Its called gingerbread yoga 🙂

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