Now I Know….

Yes, it has been a long many years, about 15…but I finally figured it out.  I finally figured out why yoga became a part of my life. It was  so that I could survive and even thrive through this time of difficulty.  With my husband at work almost 18 hours in a day, my two kids well into their teens ( I don’t think I need to elaborate), my in-laws living with me (which is the easy part, the hard part is their frail condition and increasing immobility) , and my own feast or famine nature of work that I do for my husband’s business.  There are MANY downs, a few ups, but the joy of being able to sit back and watch, without judgment, and then even laugh at the absurdity of the situation without being a part of any of it …now, that is why I do yoga.

It isn’t that I don’t feel, or personalize what is happening in my life…like everyone else, I do.  But at some point, after watching my feelings, letting them occur, and then waving goodbye to them, I come back to a state which can only be described as happiness.

I even give myself permission to blog in the middle of the whole thing…just sit and write, take a breath.  Wow!   Why aren’t more people taking part in the cheapest way to health and happiness?  Come on people, get with it!

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