Help Any Pain with Visualization

Our mind truly does have the power to manifest our reality.  Harnessing the strength of the mind, and using it to our advantage…that of course, is a little more complicated, and yet, not so complicated.

The strength and power of the mind is available to all of us should we desire it.  REALLY desire it, and with that desire, we must make the choices that lead us in the direction of what it is we are craving. The energies around us will coalesce to lead us on that path and bring forth the reality which we so truly desire. Easy!

Let’s start with something simple. Pain, none of us want it…however, aside from swallowing pills and then forgetting about the pain, since it is now in hiding, we really do nothing about the pain. We don’t even think about it other than the few moments it takes to swallow the medicine. However, ignoring it is probably not the best way to make the pain go away.  That pain is telling you something.  It is telling you that something in your body is not working the way it should, something is out of balance.  My first recommendation is to try yoga and bring the body back into balance, and very likely most common pain symptoms will leave on their own.  However, I am aware that most of us would rather bear the pain, or swallow a pill, then make the effort of leaving one’s couch and actually moving the limbs.  So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us with meditation, or more precisely, visualization.  Sit comfortably where ever you think you can.  Lengthen the spine and pull yourself up from the crown.  Close your eyes.  Give yourself a couple of long and deep breaths, full into the belly, and then expel the air just as fully letting the belly collapse.  Now on the next inhale, allow yourself to imagine a nice hot ball traversing the length of whatever muscle or joint is giving your problems.  As you exhale, it travels the length in the opposite direction.  Let each inahle bring in the fresh clean oxygen that will purify and cleanse your body, and let each exhale release the toxins that are creating that imbalance in your body.  The ball is moving within your muscles, creating heat and releasing the pain, and the breath is freeing you from the build up of toxins and sluggish energy in you.  Place your hands so that the thumb and the tip of the ring finger are touching, the other fingers extended outwards.  Continue your breathing, and visualizing, hands in the mentioned gesture, go for about 30 minutes if you can.  Practice this as often as you need.  You will determine for yourself that the pain will go…and through the mind you will have created a reality of your choosing.  Yes….it works for many other things as well.  Allow the energy to flow through you.

Try it 🙂

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