Just Be An Observer

Too many changes in life sometimes.  Some are good, some are not so good, and some you don’t yet know are good.  Notice I never said some are bad.  Must keep good energy flowing, no negatives, at least as much as possible.

Needless to say, I am going through one of those changes, and those changes are of circumstance, as my in-laws move in with me once again, but this time in a condition much worse off than they left me.  So yes…I approach with trepidation my following days.  I tell myself over and over that things will be fine, and that I am not going to work myself up into a frenzy.  I tell myself I am better than that, and that I am capable of doing whatever becomes necessary.  In fact, I am.  I have done it before, care giving I mean.  I survived it before, and it was barely a blip on the monitor of what makes up my life and its happinesses.  So it didn’t leave an indelible mark of trauma.  Surprise, all things pass, good and bad, and the powers that be inevitably give whatever strength you need to help you through what can be trying times.  I call upon those powers  now.  And I keep my Dad’s words with me, sustaining me through those moments when I really need to yell…’just be an observer.’

Isn’t that savasana with your eyes open? ….pass no judgement, just observe

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