Pesky Prosperity Problems…as in when it eludes you

My husband and I have a business together, one in which we have put our entire life savings…this means that not succeeding leads us straight to the poor house. Like everybody else, this economy is wreaking havoc on what we thought would be our running capital.  But do not fear…like all other problems that I am sure can be solved with yoga, so can this pesky prosperity problem.  I know yoga works in mysterious ways, I know that it has given me a reassurance that life isn’t after all a completely horrible curse thrust upon us by evil forces…somewhere in this universe are good powerful forces and we have only to draw our energy from them.  So this is how its done:  Really!

So start with sitting in easy pose ( ‘criss cross apple sauce’ or ‘Indian style’ …I know that isn’t PC and I mean no offense to anyone, , but  just to give you the idea) and keep the spine long and straight.  Bring the palms to your heart level, facing you and strike the outer sides of the hands together, then face the palm out and strike the inner sides of the hands together…meaning the length of the index fingers are striking each other.  Alternate this process while chanting the word “Har. ”  The vibrations of the word ( which refers to ‘The Infinite One’ ) and the pulling in of the navel to the spine as you chant creates energy and abundance in your life.  The hitting of the hands is,  in effect, acupressure that helps access brainpower.  Repeat this anywhere from 3 minutes to 11 minutes.

Good fortune to all of you – any meditation and focus that we can bring to our lives is good…remember to always stay within your limits of comfort and to listen to your body.  Any posture or meditation is only good if you are breathing softly and not straining against your own body!

I’ll let you know if things turn around for us…and you can let me know too.  I hope to put more helpful information up – so please follow me.

Enjoy and may there be abundance in your life!

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