How to hang on to your toes despite the slippery sweat

Yes, that is what I said, how to hang on to your toes.  I am not for the most part into advertising and collecting free things for my blogging expertise, as you can clearly see by my non- expert blog, I am not an expert.  However, my experience with this product and the company’s dealings have led me to quickly write up this blog and publish.

Product: Sun Salutations yoga gloves and socks. Why these ones?  They work.  I like them…there I am in extended hand to big toe pose ( utthitha hasta pandangusthasana)  and suddenly, slip…there goes my toe, the leg goes with it. Just as I am feeling amazingly proud of the fact that I am not falling over and looking foolish in front of my class ( I try to look poised and graceful in those teaching situations)  I am exposed.  But no longer, three classes later, I can still hold my toe. No sweat.  Pun intended.  ( It was kind of hard to  resist)

Anyway…I have a story to tell.  I ordered these last winter, got them not a week later, tried them on instantly and realized I needed a bigger size if my feet required  circulation, and we yoga types like circulation, so yes, I needed the bigger size. I sent them back asking for an exchange.  I didn’t hear from them for about six months, and realized some persistence would be helpful.  Just as I was ready to write them off for an awful business, the response came.

Not only were they so apologetic that it put my irate e-mails to them (okay, and myself) to shame, they actually offered to send me gloves and socks on the house.  I am not accepting them, as I have mentioned my husband and myself are struggling with our own business and I know the hardships that can come about, but the offer and the manner in which it was presented was so touching that I cannot but exclaim this company an excellent one as far as Yoga Products that one might be inclined to buy. Look them up, and if you do happen to practice yoga outside the realm of a studio where the comfort of a mat is elusive, or if you find yourself in a long and sweaty class, these can be wonderfuly helpful little props.

Happy Toe Holding to All Of You!

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