Prenatal Poses

Recently I have had the opportunity to help moms-to-be nurture themselves as they become ready to bring another blessing into this world.  I am a mom twice over, and never had the opportunity to practice yoga through my pregnancies.  I was at a place in our (my husband and my self’s) life that had us working long and ridiculous hours so that we slept during the day and worked at night manning a convenient store that was snuggled in nicely between a crack house and a strip joint.  Not the most nurturing environment for a mom-to-be.  I could tell endless stories of that place, and maybe someday I will, but today we’ll focus on the wellness and connection that occurs with prenatal yoga.

There are the obvious benefits:  Stretching your body just feels good when everything else feels wrong!  The balance is off, the back is stressed with the weight that comes in a hurry, the feet, if you can see them, are full of water, your lungs are crushed and in desperate need of air, your breasts are tender and the wrong size, and you must smile to all and one with utter glee about the anticipated blessing.  Air of course is another benefit, and finally defeating that stressed lwoer back, upper back , and even the middle back!  And while you gyrate and move those hips belly dancer fashion ( great prenatal yoga relief pose)  you can even manage to position the baby in the womb so as to help you at the time of birth.

All those are physical benefits.  There are the spiritual ones when you are able to connect with the child within, feel the child,  acknowledge the child as a real human being, and just feel joy at what shall always be known as a miracle.  First there is nothing, and then there is the ultimate and most extreme joy that a human being can know. And despair….how shall I take care of this so precious being that the Almighty has seen fit to deposit ( perhaps mistakenly? ) in my lap.

But, of course, there is no mistake, it is by design that we as women have the ability to nurture a child from nothingness, into completeness.  In prenatal yoga, we are able to realize that, trust in our body’s instinct to do what a woman’s body was designed to do. There is no getting around it…it is the most spectacular act that your body can perform, revel in it, relish it, by amazed, be nurturing in helping your body achieve this ultimate act of faith in ourselves.

Please feel free to e-mail me for stick figures of prenatal yoga poses…I plan to put them up on the blog soon, but if you would like them sooner:

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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