Cat Cow Spinal Release

If you find you’ve been gardening and mulching more than your body would like you to, you might also find yourself swallowing m0ore aspirin than your body would like you to.

Being outdoors in the summer brings more joy to the spirit than anything else can at this time, but the aches that come along aren’t so joyful.  There is a cure, not a band aid to cover up the symptom, but a cure, and yes, it does have to do with cats and cows.  If you happen to have a cow handy….okay, maybe not.  Perhaps instead we’ll just pretend to be the cow, and also the cat.  You don’t really need one of those handy either.

Put your self  into postion:  all fours. Line your arms up under your shoulders, and your knees under your hips.  Let your back be long and straight, pulling your shoulder blades together, and keeping your neck in  line with your spine   ( not dropping forward, and not raised above your collar bone). Neutral spine. Go ahead and take a few deep breaths, breathing into the back rib cage, letting it expand, releasing slowly.  When you have a taken a few deep breaths, begin to push the spine out, as far as you can while exhaling, dropping the neck forward and really tucking the pelvis under.  This would be the cat.  For the cow, you do the reverse, push the belly down and lift the chest upwards,  inhaling as you do so.  This would be the cow. Cats and cows know a lot about the body. It’s instinctual.  You can do this slowly, you can do this fast, maintaining the breathing pattern as outlines above.

You can go from one minute to about three minutes, and you will feel your spine to be alive and more flexible.  A flexible spine can do wonders for you well being!

Go ahead…give it a try!

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