Kundalini Workshop – Come Try It Out!

Kundalini Yoga is already well established and practiced on the West Coast.  Getting it to the East Coast (and into the innards of my rural back-roads home) is a whole different matter. The ‘open mind’ is a bit more questioning, a bit unsure, a  little more in need of absolute proof.  But it is yoga afterall, and if you practice any sort of yoga, meditation or chanting, then you already have an open mind.  Open it further, and you will realize the immense benefits that Kundalini Yoga can give to just about everyone.  You simply need to know how to breathe.  So if you are reading this…you have all the necessary skill to be able to practice this wonderfully energetic form of yoga.

It is in fact the ‘mother’ of all yoga, from which all other practices have arisen.  Its amazing power comes from the sets, or the ‘kriyas’,  practiced in their intended format and order.  You will feel light after a kundalini sesion, and refreshed.  The breathing and meditation work together for you to be able to surpass limits that your mind has created for yourself.  Unleash your creative self, unleash your own potential, to quote our army ‘be all that you can be, ‘ and you don’t need to destroy lives to do it.

I will be hosting a Kundalini Workshop on May 30th, at the West Chester Wellness Center from 10 am to 1 pm.  We wil practice Kundalini Yoga for two hours, which includes chanting and meditation.  Afterwards, we will finish with a healthy, wholesome vegetarian lunch that will delight your senses even further.  A mini retreat that anyone can follow. Come join, and experience something that will transform you.

Kundalini Yoga will destress you, detox you, cleanse you from the inside out.  Check out my website at www.yogawithmilan.com for more information on the workshop.  Feel free to e-mail me, of course.

A wonderful site that I love to visit for Kundalini Yoga is www.anmolmehta.com.  It’s written in a wonderfully friendly manner without any lofty new age terminology that can be a turn off.  He’s got endless information.

One small energizing trick you can try anytime, anywhere: stand nice and tall, lifting from thcrown, go ahead and spread your feet into a wide-legged stance about 3 feet apart. Soften the knees, lift your arms shoulder height and just begin swinging side to side.  Swing from the knees, the hips, the torso, and let your head follow along with your arms.  Just swing, for about one to two minutes, fast or slow, whatever works for you.  Bring yourself back to center, and just breath, nice deep breaths that fill the entire ribcage and expand the lungs. Let it out slowly.  You will feel the energy, the instant lift that kundalini will bring to you.

Much happiness to all of you.


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