Oxygen! Surpass All Limits!

The more I practice Kundalini Yoga…the more I wish I could encourage others to experience the transformation that comes about. There is no doubt that it is challenging, but fortunately, not the type of challenge that forces one to arrogate oxygen from an overheated room, or to twist oneself into unlikely shapes, but the type of challenge that, upon overcoming, makes you realize the amazing feats the human body and mind can accomplish when working in synchronicity. Once again, I must stress, it is the breath that allows you to surpass those boundaries that our mind sets for ourselves. Push those limits aside, choose to do what you think you cannot, and you will find that you can. A little today, a little more tomorrow, and even further the next day. Any Hatha Yoga class will follow this same principal, for it is the nature of yoga to allow you to surpass limits, but Kundalini seems to take you there a little faster since the oxygen brought in to the body is rapid, and abundant. What we can do with oxygen!

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