Happy Valentines Day

Let’s follow the heart today…let it open, the spiritual heart and the physical heart. Let go of anger, let go of fear, let go of inhibitions that bind you to a limited life. It’s easier than you think. Let’s begin with some breathing techniques that free the spine and open the heart at the same time.

You’ll begin in a comfortable seated position, on the ground and ‘criss-cross applesauce’ (cross-legged) if you can, otherwise start on a chair. Lengthen the spine and pull the shoulders back and down. Increase the space between the shoulders and ears and just focus on the breath for a few moments. Observe the inhale, observe the exhale. Now go ahead and place your hands on your shins (if you are on the ground) or on your knees if you are in a chair. Now inhale and pull into your shins and push out the lower back and belly while lifting up from the chin. It opens the heart :).  Now exhale and push the lower back out while pulling your chin into your chest.  Continue in that manner, speeding up the inhale/exhale if you can to about 1 every second or two seconds.  Proceed slowly and only go faster if you are comfortable. That means no hyperventilating, no dizziness, nor pain anywhere. Continue for about 1 minute.  Give yourself a rest now, an even breath without manipulation.

Move your hands to your knees now, keeping the elbows straight. If you are in a chair, then keep your hands on your knees, but remember to access the middle of you back as you flex your spine back and forth.  So you are doing the same breath with the same movement now, but the middle back and upper back will be doing the work. Really allow the heart to open on your inhale, lift up high and free the heart.  Again, continue for about 1 minute, and then take a few breath of rest.

Finally you will bring your arms up so that the back of the arm is parallel with the floor, and your elbows are at a right angle, and  your forefinger and thumb are touching in ‘gyan mudra.’ Now you will swing the entire body to the left on the inhale, and then swing yourself to the right on the exhale.  Let yourself be absolutely free and swing with abandon, left right, left right.  If you can go fast, do so.  Let the breath enter you and leave you and swing and feel the freedom of this motion.  Once again, try for one minute, and then give yourself a final rest.  If you think you are getting dizzy, either slow down, or close your eyes, or both.  Of course, if you are very uncomfortable, feel free to stop.  Listening to our body is the best thing we can do for our heart, and our mind.

These are simple breathing exercises, spinal flexes that will free the heart and allow you to live your life with full presence.

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