There are days when I feel absolutely wonderful, vibrant and energetic…but like everyone else, there are days when I feel not quite so fabulous. So my magic trick for feeling better is, surprise, yoga!  Energy begets energy in the case of yoga, instead of depleting your resources.

So stand up, nice and tall, tail bone tucked under and shoulders pulled back and down. Step into a wide-legged stance, feet about shoulder length apart, and lift your arms to shoulder height.  Keep the knees soft and just start swinging side to side.  Move all the way through the knees, and hips, and torso, swinging freely and as fast as you can.  Allow your head to move side to side along with your arms.  Go for a minute, if you can, for two minutes.You’ll feel yourself recharging, coming alive.  And before you let those arms down, drop only one behind you and lift the other one high, opening up the front of the body.  Keep the neck soft, and lift the arm high and behind you.  Then switch hands, dropping the raised arm down behind you and lifting the lowered arm up and over. Really open up the front of the body, stretch yourself and let the inhale expand your body.  Bring both arms down and and press both feet firmly into the ground, press you hands together at heart center and just allow yourself to feel the inhale and exhale, eyes closed and rolled up to the third eye.

You probably already feel a little better.   Step out into the rest of your day, or if you still want to add to that nice little refresher, jump into a few .  You can do the variation which is posted in Asanas, or find a full version on my website .  I’d offer a link, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Be patient.

In case none of that works, and sadly, there are days when it doesn’t, a good nap can sometimes be just the remedy. 🙂

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