We All Know It, But…

We all know not to take life too seriously, but we still do.  And if you think about it, how silly is that?  If we compare the amount of things IN our control versus the amount of things NOT in our control, it seems absolutely absurd, in fact.  There is no real way for us to take things seriously.  We can only do what we as humans can do, and then let the rest up to the powers that be. The consequences of any of our actions are very rarely in our own hands.  Faith has a big role here, and it is to our own benefit to let it thrive within us, carry us when we are down , and flow through us freely when we are where we want to be in our lives. Faith, like breath, is the energy that keeps us grounded and humble, for we know that there is something greater than ourselves at work.  Call that power greater than ourselves whatever you like…God, Allah, Bhagvan, Mother Nature, Yahweh, it doesn’t matter. After all, ‘…call a rose by any other name…’

Faith becomes increasingly difficult in times like these, where we watch the news and daily learn of the extreme difficulties our fellow humans must endure. We must remember to not only hold on to our faith, but share that energy with others.  The better we feel ourselves, the more we are able to share that good with others.  And isn’t that what life is about?  So hold on to that faith, and that is the best we can do for others who may seem stretched, hold on to that faith, and and the stronger we become. Just hold on!

And when things just don’t seem to work they way we plan, then put in that little extra oomph, and if it still doesn’t work, sit back and have yourself a big belly laugh. We just can’t take life too seriously, remember.

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