Sun Salutation Variation!

I teach a lot of classes, and one of them happens to be a gentle and accommodating class which allows people of all abilities to join in one of the most satisfying activities the body will ever know.  Usually a good ‘sun salutation’ just adds to that satisfaction…opening up the body in wonderful ways making the rest of the day possible!

For people with knee replacements, however, sometimes lowering oneself to the mat is a challenge.  I have adapted the ‘sun salutation’ for those of you who would like a standing only variation.  You need to deliberately engage your muscles, and allow yourself to feel the full force of this wonderful stretch!  If you don’t immediately follow the inhale/exhale pattern, do not worry.  Let the movements become part of the body, and as they do, you will find that the breath will follow and enhance the entire process.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Step 5Step 6Step 7Steps 8 & 9

Step 10 Step 11

You can repeat this up to 10 times, or as many as feel good.  Really stretch your spine out.  You’ll feel good and because its done with a wall, you are perfectly safe.   But remember, ANY exercise should be undertaken only after confirming its appropriateness for you.

Watch for videos coming soon, and wish me luck since none of this is my specialty.

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