I wasn’t sure I’d survive this holiday weekend, but not only did I survive, I must admit, I enjoyed it. My house was full, about twenty people in all, all ‘sleepover’ guests.  My strategy was simple, let it go.  It is what it is…

I planned the meals, I offered beds and bathrooms, and simply gave it up to the powers above. It worked.  the mat is a tiny microcosm of the world we live in, and when one surrenders to the pose, it becomes easier, the breath flows freely, and a smile can break through the tension.

…and the best thing is, aside from the occasional and expected bathroom tussle, there wasn’t any tension

I am grateful for many things in my life everyday…for wonderful healthy children, for a thoughtful husband,  for a warm home in which I can welcome ALL of my family, and for the ability to feed them, and a family that supports me, and need I say, especially my mom.  At this time, however, I am grateful for Monday, and for the fact that I can sit quietly and write this out.

To express my appreciation of all that God has showered upon me, and in the spirit of the season, of giving and sharing, I would like to begin posting some of the more relevant breathing and postural exercises.  Please look for upcoming posts that contain information that has helped me reach a wonderful place in my life.  I hope all of you will benefit as much as I have.

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