Yoga in the Chair

Yoga for women cancer surivors…I went to go teach them, and what might have been obvious to anyone else, took a while to dawn on me. I didn’t do any teaching, only learning.  Yes, I shared with them my poses…my breathing tips…my tips for alleviating an ache here or there. But, as I said, I was the one who did the learning.  I expected a room full of despondent and scared women…unsure of their future.  What I found instead was a room full of well…survivors.  A room full of happy women, lots of chatting and smiles and laughter.  To quiet the room down was a feat…’please…we will begin the yoga….’


they had things to do, to share, especially laughter – healing laughter

the yoga was  gentle, the breathing was popular…and I walked out knowing that I was suddenly a richer person for having seen the human spirit at its finest. I hope that the grace and optimism that permeated the room on thursday was something that I will be able to incorporate into my own demeanor

thank you…all of you for teaching me some yoga

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