Weekend Conference with YRA

I was fortunate this weekend to be able to attend the Yoga Research Society Conference and open my mind to the myriad of information that is available and accessible to all of us should we desire to find it!  A simple yoga practice that covered all that I do in my normal weekly classes became an entirely new experience with a new teacher, a new guru.  Leg lifts, so common, elicited an excited “ooh!” when I followed the prompts of Dr Vijayendra Pratap and just ‘played’ with my body and allowed myself to fully immerse and experience the practice as prompted by someone else.  It felt good, it felt different.  It felt like I had learned completely new postures to teach my classes, and yet the difference might be as small as placing the feel side by side touching rather than allowing space between them.  The difference might be taking the ‘drishti,’ or gaze, upwards, when I was keeping the gaze front.  Small variances allow the experience to be entirely new!

Dr.  Nimai Nitadas was absolutely exhilerating as a speaker on Suddha Ayurveda.  He offered more information than I had hoped to gather in an hour and half, and his belief and confidence in the system was more than sufficient to have converted me fully.  Insurance or no…ayurvedic treatments for me only.  Hopefully, if I play my cards right, I wo’t need any treatments anyway.  But none of us have seen the future. So I’ve added his website to my list of favorite and helpful websites, and highly recommend a visit from you. What sold me was that ayurveda is a science of health and wellness, whereas, by necessity, western medicine can only treat after health and wellness have failed…and we all know, an ounce of prevention!

I feel rejuvenated, I feel full of new knowledge and inspiration, and I offer too,  new aspiration!

Wellness and Happiness to ALL!

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