Do I do anything other than yoga? Suki468x60

I do actually, and then I feel like doing yoga.  I cook for my family, for myself, for my husband’s toddler business “August Foods.”  Then I feel like doing yoga for my back.  I also write…I write blogs, I write for children’s magazines, I help my kids with their homework kind of writing, and then I need to do yoga for my head.  I also maintain my relationships with friends, family, peers, coworkers etc, and then I definitely need yoga for my heart.  I’ve never felt the stress of having to ‘go teach a yoga class.’  I’ve never felt the stress of having to ‘do my morning yoga.’  Its absolutely amazing how it keeps everything in perpective…with one exception.  In-laws. And that can be a whole other blog…in fact I think I’ll go ahead and create that other blog.  One that is the antithesis of everything that I love about yoga.  Calm, peacefulness, balance.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll go ahead and fully immerse myself in a mosaic.  I do those as well, I also play with clay, and make lousy sculptures. I paint bad pictures and I when everything else fails to keep my balance, and I can feel myself huffing and puffing about things that I should close my mind to, then I clean the house.

I clean with a vengence, I clean with an energy meant to eradicate all that is ungluing in my situation.  My bathrooms shine  and smell so good you can dine in them, my carpets which regularly sport weeks of dog hair and Dorito crumbs, are vacuumed steam cleaned and brushed. My wooden floors are polished with Murphy’s oil soap, my laundry done, my ironing hanging freshly pressed on hangers…is there anything else that needs to be done.  I’ll do that too, and then in the sanctuary that is my clean home…I relax with a cup of tea in front of a DVR’d murder mystery, the kind where the perp is caught and justice is served.  Is justice ever served?  Do I have to look for the good in everything?  Can I sometimes forigve myself for thinking less than yogic thoughts?

Just breath…’s okay, all good…we just can’t always see it 🙂

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