Wonderful Poses to Free the Spine…



…and they can all be done on their own, to just feel good!


Cat Dog Stretch – Bring yourself to all fours on your mat

Align your hands so they are under your shoulders, and align your knees so they are under your hips

Inhale as you push the belly down and create a nice curve in your spine, allow the chin to point to the chest, opening up the back of the neck

Exhale as you tuck the tail bone under and push the spine towards the ceiling, lifting the chin up

Continue moving with the breath on the inhale and exhale, at whatever pace feels food to your body

Try a really slow pace first, and then try a really fast pace if you want, and feel the difference between the two

Find the best pace for you body, moving through at least 4-5 motions, and as much as 20. 

Take the hips back into child pose, opening the knees wide, allowing the belly to come through, and just breath into your back rid cage

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Twist –                   Doesn’t matter where you are, on a chair, on a mat, or on the floor. 

                                Come seated so that you are nice and tall in the spine, and firmly grounded

Grab one knee with the opposite hand and exhale as you turn your torso to the same          direction as the knee you are holding, do not force yourself to turn more than the muscles have taken you, and don’t try to use your arm as leverage, just allow yourself to experience the twist and breath softly for a few moments

Inhale back to center whenever you are ready

Exhale as you move to the opposite side ( this time using the other hand to grab the second knee)

Breath and relax, enjoy the twist to your spine

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